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The International Reading Association is the premier professional teaching organization dedicated to promoting high quality literacy teaching and learning. This organization provides professional resources and opportunities.

International Reading Association

IRA:Focus on Adolescent Literacy A range of adolescent literacy issues are available in hard copy and free online versions.

IRA:Focus on Beginning Readers Beginning reading instruction has been a hotly debated topic for a number of years. This site provides wide range of methods for teaching beginning reading.

IRA: Focus on Language and Cultural Diversity Teachers of English Language Learners can use this site to understand how to best serve the needs of their students. Books, articles, and booklists are available through the International Reading Association Web site.


Common Core Standards


LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting. Each lesson highlights a Common Core standard starting with math in grades 3-9
Learn Zillion

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Chávez M.A.C.
4747 S. Marshfield,
Chicago, IL 60609
Tel: 773-535-4600
Fax: 773.535-4603 
Principal, Barton A. Dassinger


School Hours

Student Entry:
  7:30 a.m. (1st - 8th grade)

Classes begin:
  7:45 a.m. (1st - 8th grade)

Student dismissal:
  2:45 p.m. (1st - 5th grade)
  5:30 p.m. (6th - 8th grade)

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